Best of 2020

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  • 9.5/10. Everything is phenomenally fantastic save for the battle camera.

  • 9/10. Game looks absolutely stunning. It's like playing within a beautiful painting. The way the wind flows around the environment and helps guide the player is very well done albeit at times it's difficult to tell which way the wind is blowing. The combat is very satisfying with the slow motion and final moments of the enemies really invoking that, I am a total badass feeling. At times it suffers from having slightly too many options, as fumbling through inventory and item choices mid combat did not feel intuitive. There are some cases where combat gets caught up on multilevel terrain and climbing up or down rocks can be a pain in the ass. Because that world is so sculpted you can find points where you can't climb up rocks you feel like you should or die from heights you feel like you should be able to survive. The platforming set pieces and duels are well done though. Although, the first half of the games' duels were visually more appealing. Overall the game is fantastic, beautiful, and yet somehow still incredibly average. Possibly the best average game I've ever played. I think a lot of the problem comes from the upgrade system and there not being enough of a sense of improvement. There's a lot of skills and abilities, and yet it's so easy to be overpowered and have none of them matter before the mid-game. The online mp portion that was released post launch in a lot of aspects plays better than the core game. Although, the talent trees often have the best skills unlocked in the first tier which brings no real rewards for ranking up different classes.

  • 10/10. What a great game to onboard onto the PS5. The creators definitely knew their PS brand. The control functionality is on point too. It fully succeeds in it's purpose to demo the PS5 controller and get me hyped.

  • 8/10.


    Lots of nostalgia involved for Streets of Rage fans. The characters from the original games are included. Combo types are fun. You can wall bounce enemies to extend combos. 3p coop. Online coop. Additional modes outside of arcade. You can save and quit if you need to stop midway through.


    The vertical movement speed doesn't feel fast enough. No balance between different characters movement speeds when screen travel and transition are required for top scoring. Top scores are more reliant to throwing enemies to one side of the screen than not getting hit. Vertical movement and attack of some enemies feels unbalanced when factoring in their trajectory is important for score attack. Music doesn't feel up to what my expectations were for Streets of Rage which was a big part of the series prior. Not ALL the characters from previous games are there :(

    There's a high pitched buzzing on the stage select screen. I'm guessing whoever made it can't hear that frequency but god damn is it deafening.