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  • Klynn posted a message on the post 02/21/2020.

    Sure, but without skill-based matchmaking everyone is good is just kind of smurfing all the time, because they're getting matched with bad players by default.@lonelyspacepanda said:RE: Fortnite match...

  • Klynn posted a message on the post Google Stadia.

    So maybe I'm old and out of touch with the kids, but did anyone else find the opening of Gylt... unbelievable? I know kids will be really shit sometimes but the idea of the bullies harassing the gir...

  • Klynn posted a message on the post Google Stadia.

    @lonelyspacepanda said:The crew sounds lukewarm but this seems like a revolutionary development for consoles. It works. That's all that matters. The real turning point will be the start of next-gen a...

  • Klynn posted a message in the forum topic Ultros is currently a preferred world, «VinCo» has space again and the Free Company Fellowship is live. on the Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers board

    Aw man, I have several friends looking to transfer over from Gilgamesh to join but Gilgamesh is now listed as standard (it was congested). Would have been great to get free transfers!

  • Klynn posted a message on the post State of Play May 9th.

    @matiaz_tapia said:I'm still not clear on what Giant Bomb's stance is for between working conditions for the industry is. The space between port releases for MHW seems reasonable, and considering the ...