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Indie/Non-Mainstream Games To Check Out On PC

here's a list of games that deserve to be checked out, at least in video form
some of them have demos & some are available on other platforms like XBLA or WiiWare
all of these i've tried & own on steam

List items

  • very well produced time based platformer, plenty of levels, secrets, jokes, references, and deaths

  • absolutely amazing! great music, great feel, & still is relaxing even during the really hard parts (i managed to complete the game before the update that made it easier, spent 17.5hrs total playtime)

  • O-M-G

  • amazing atmosphere and a fresh concept! on PC you rotate 90 degrees, while the wii version stops time for you to rotate arbitrarily

  • coincidentally both things with the word 'shatter' are next to each other, this one has various twists on arkanoid, good music, good visuals

  • zero gravity space fps, pretty cool, looks good

  • a more serious train sim vs trainz

  • technically a base jumping game, but in some kind of sci-fi setting, complete with alternate paths, target scores, 'hugs', 'kisses', close calls, and flipping off your protesters

  • wild west 3rd person shooter on the arcade side with various levels of teamwork depending on the game mode

  • cool looking strategy with a world somewhat like tron and reboot, has a whole separate multiplayer game called multiwinia

  • clever concept, you're a water drop in a home going from point A to point B, avoiding obstacles like cloths, long drops, or slopes

  • what used to be known as Dyson, this is a 'tower strategy' as i'm calling it (like mushroom wars or galcon fusion) with a very interesting and pleasant look & feel

  • nice music, interesting gameplay, really pleasant

  • a 3rd person 'suicidal ninja robot' multiplayer action game with interesting strategies & mechanics, plus nice abstract art and level design

  • interesting puzzle with elements of tetris that loosely ties to the music that's playing

  • sticky gooey platformer, one of the things Edmund worked on before Super Meat Boy

  • well this is practically mainstream, but still very interesting, good art, time travel mechanics, platforming

  • kind of a ball physics based race platformer

  • from the devs that made The Ship comes... an evolved and streamlined version of the mystery hunt FPS concept

  • interesting puzzle platformer where you interact with your past and future self (like Braid?)

  • it may be lucasarts, but this feels very fresh and different, it's a kind of mixture of platforming, lemmings, and tetris, complete with great art & music

  • motorcycle trials platformer

  • 3rd person from above sort of action shooter light platformer thing, pretty neat

  • point & click puzzle adventure with very nice art

  • surreal and abstract point & click puzzle type thing with pleasant art & sounds

  • it may be published by capcom, but the dev is still 'indie' in a sense, you control a ufo that's trying to capture various animals

  • it may be one of those move the blocks to connect the pipes/gears/etc games, but the steampunk look & feel is extremely polished

  • decent looking competent tower defense game

  • it may be a puzzle game, but it has a solid 3d engine that looks pretty nice (the swedish devs come from thedarkness/riddick/battlefield, it's almost like they're testing the engine on a small project before licensing it or making a large game)

  • a pleasant looking rolling/ball racing platformer

  • partially non realtime puzzle platform thing, nice art, fun music

  • sci-fi tank tactical shooter type game, similar visual style as the tron universe

  • playing it is better than watching it