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More Than An Expansion 0

 Halo 3: ODST brings a lot of new things to the traditional Halo formula while managing to not stray too far from the source material of its lineage.   First, the campaign; You are “The Rookie”, an Orbital Drop Shock Trooper that has been separated from his team due to an ill-timed drop on the planet of New Mombasa.   New Mombasa is a planet that was once ruled by humans but has since been lost to the invading Covenant.   Your mission, regroup with your squad and get the hell out of there. The ...

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Short, Pretty, And A Damn Good Time 1

Crysis Warhead is the stand-alone expansion to last year’s #1 PC shooter, Crysis.  In Warhead, you are on the opposite side of the island from the original game but many of the same events occur.  You start the game just shooting Koreans and investigating the island and that is about the first, let’s say fifth of the game.  After that, your main target switches to fighting robotic aliens who are referred to as Exoskeletons. The action is better than ever and with new graphic engine tinkering, it...

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An excellent experience for old time fans 0

 I was one of many to play the original Final Fantasy VII when it was first released on the PlayStation. I felt that that experience was one of my best in my gaming history and I always wished that I could get a new extension to the story. This wish comes true in Crisis Core.I've always been more of a game play man than anything else and the action here is solid to say the least. You follow your character from a 3rd person perspective, behind them and enemies cannot be seen from this view (in mo...

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