Game of the Year 2019

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  • I truly loved Death Stranding for what it wasn't afraid to be. For a "AAA' blockbuster game to ask the player to traverse miles and miles of mostly barren landscapes delivering packages for the majority of the game is something I

  • As a big 'Soulsborne' fan, I believe Sekiro deserves the highest praise for all that it stripped away. It gets to the very heart of the From Software's masterful combat ideals and offers new and exciting techniques to master. It just feels so good to play, compared to the far from graceful Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. The story and world isn't shrouded in as much mystery, for better or worse, however, I liked the change of pace with a voiced lead character and more definitive motivations. It is a beautiful, visceral and heart-pounding experience and I truly hope they get to expand on Sekiro's journey in later instalments.

  • Wow, what a world Control introduces us too. Yes, the game was muddied with technical shortcoming's, however, it is a testament to how much I adored the game that I pushed through. It is one of the most fun, intriguing and just plain whacky games I have ever played.