ah, jeez. i've been gone a long time, huh?

Sorry i've been gone so long... Real life and all of that stuff.

but yeah, gotten older, a bit more wiser.. kind of regret some of the posts i made here... as some of them weren't really... thought out.

And Quests are gone? wow, darned shame.

i dunno what else there is here... but i guess that's how life is sometimes.

i wonder if there's anything fun still to do here. if anyone has any tips for me, please let me know, ok?


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Sour grapes.

when people dont get what they want and whine about it.... They are like... ya know... sour grapes. 
I got the term from a Great show, Mystery sciene theater 3000. It Was The Episode When They showed The English Verison of Megalon VS Godzilla.