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I Hear That Hell is Really Hot Property These Days

Soccer Stadiums have come a long way since the early 90's
Soccer Stadiums have come a long way since the early 90's
When I was a kid I was totally into hell. Blame that on me for living in a heretic bastard family but lets be honest, brewing inside the subconscious in everyone is a slight stir that begs to be released as black growing tendrils spread into your brain and curiosity grows. Its human nature to be curious about things that we are not meant to know. Granted some of us seek out these answers with more determination than others but that curiosity is always there and one things for sure. If your not meant to know something its like dumping kerosene upon a small flame. Perhaps this is why we are so interested in Hell

The announcement of 'Dante's Inferno' put a lot of people into confusion, mainly due to its association with what is often seen as one of the greatest works of time condensed down into a bloody, warped and twisted action via god of war with a healthy scent of burning organs, trapped souls and predictably garnished with some scantily clad female devilry. Now while at first confusion seemed to arise upon the simply of question of 'Why?', the games intents are quite clear. This is not an attempt to cash in on Dante's Inferno, something that is mostly abstract in the general awareness but an attempt to cash in on something much more prominent in people's minds...Hell

Dante's Inferno is a text that stands out in my mind due to it being less about a story and more about the architecture and structure of such an abstract concept. Having read many a text on religion in the past three of four years due to my strange and most likely twisted interest in it, I found that almost any mention of hell is not even present in the bible and most depictions are a brief mention of a place that you don't want to go. Again that question arose once more. 'Why?'

Whilst Dante's Inferno certainly does not bear the red rubber cross stamp of approval (far from it) it remains to be one of the most intricate and complex visions of hell to this date which is why despite from the implications of this particular video game being a clone of war has me exited purely from there visual interpretation of these levels.

Lets get this straight. I don't care if they stick or don't to the events or 'story' within the poem. Sure in the poem Dante never attacks or is attacked by demons but I don't care about that. What has got me exited about this game is seeing a 3D interpretation of the nine levels of hell. Whether that be via watered down god of war clone or outstanding action game I don't mind. I am purely interested in seeing their interpretation of each level.

Besides give the team a break. If God does exist then the people that made this game are all going to suffer in hell for the rest of eternity over what might be a 3 star game. Still one can't deny the following statement.

Hell Sells

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