Best of 2010

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  • You bet your sweet ass Mass Effect 2 is my #1 choice for Best of 2010. My favorite series second only to Half Life, I cannot forget how much fun I have exploring the galaxy with my crew of alien friends, either giving a Turian dating advice or protecting all life as we know it from the Reapers. With a rich fiction, excellent writing, much better game play than the first and lovable characters like no other game has. Playing ME1 and ME2 again will hopefully tie me over until the 3rd comes out, which I have little doubt will be my #1 game of 2011.

  • Assassin's Creed Brotherhood was an unexpected surprise, what I figured to be a game with a short singleplayer experience mainly focus on multiplayer turned out to have the best story of any of the installments thus far with just enough new stuff to keep it interesting. Beautiful visuals, voice acting, stabbing fools, rooftop chases; all the stuff you enjoyed from the other Assassins Creed games are present and some updated to be better. The multiplayer may be repetitive but if you get in a game with people who know how to play properly, it can be genuinely intense and fun with friends.