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  • Flawed.

    How Bungie went from genre defining Halo to this mess is entirely beyond me. The last game they made before this was Reach which is arguably one of the best installments of the series, they're a talented group, it seems more likely that some outside force made Destiny what is was rather that just a slip up, there's just way too much wrong with this game for it to be their fault alone. Although at the end of the day it's not about why it's bad but what makes it bad, so let's talk about that I suppose.

    Destiny had moxxy, it's an undeniable fact, what Bungie was promising and how the game was looking right up until the beta release was really astounding. The visuals and designs were amazing, cool robot dudes in cloaks driving around in their own spaceships from one world to the next, teaming up with other robot buddies to take on hordes of aliens designed by Bungie of all people? It seemed too good to be true. The end result was a handful of boring worlds with no signs of life, being forced to play alone if you didn't know many other people playing the game because there was no way to pair up with strangers, spaceships being purely aesthetic ways to cover up the endless loading screens and a series of story missions that had you protect a floating toaster as you suffered through wave based combat to do something that was rarely explained to you.

    This was supposed to be an FPS MMO. It's online. I see people as I drive around on my bike, I can't talk to them though, I can't invite them to my party, I can't interact with them at all, sometimes a server event happens the people nearby help you kill a boss or something but that's not enough to validate this being a MASSIVELY MULTIPLAYER ONLINE GAME. The only way to play with others is to invite friends from your friends list, don't know anyone who's playing Destiny right now? Too bad. Welcome to solo mode. Why even make it online then? Why not focus on a better singleplayer game with coop elements in it, like say Halo, instead of making it needlessly online if you're not going to do anything with it.

    The game features PvP combat which is pretty fun, a small assortment of maps and gamemodes. Since one of the only redeeming things about Destiny is it's game-feel the multiplayer is fun and quick, you take your character from the singleplayer and bring them over for some Deathmatch or Point Capture. It's not enough to save the game though. Maybe if they had more maps, more differences in guns, more gamemodes, more interesting objectives, it would be a bit more fun.

    Other problems destiny had was with its flawed way of handing out loot, making killing regular enemies as the only real way to get good weapons and hardly ever rewarding you for doing tough missions or raids. People shooting endlessly in to a cave where enemies would spawn nonstop because that was the most effective way to get good gear and weapons. Weapons being another issue, there's several classes of guns from Snipers to Rocket Launchers, Revolvers to Assault Rifles but there isn't enough difference between them to make customizing your character feel important. Find a good rifle and keep it til a better one comes, choose between a heavy weapon, Machine Gun or Rocket Launcher, and keep it til you find a better one. Destiny promised that people would look at your weapons and recognize them, be impressed by them, that you'd be able to tell someone online where you got that cool looking Sniper Rifle that they're asking about in detail, the story about how you earned it. This doesnt happen though. I got my weapon from shooting at a cave, gg. No ones asking me where I got my Sniper Rifle from online anyway because THERE IS NO WAY TO INTERACT WITH RANDOM PEOPLE.

    It's bad.

    It's all so bad.

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  • The thing I dislike most about AC:U is that it had some legitimately good ideas but failed to deliver on most of them. AC:III was boring and uninspired and left me with low expectations for AC:BF which was perfect because that game was a mess top to bottom, hearing about what Unity had to offer in terms of story and gameplay gave me a spark of hope though and I decided to give it a shot. French Revolution, Co-op play, a new main character? Assassins Creed had me on board once before several games before with the charismatic Ezio Auditore and it's nonsensical story about space gods, maybe this would be a return to glory. The result was a series of disappointments. Being an game in the Assassins Creed series, I'd want to establish what made the past games enjoyable and then compare those things to Unity, seems fair to me. Previous entries had fun climbing, interesting main characters, an interesting subplot, sneaky stealth, fun flowing combat and let you effect important moments in history and rub shoulders with historic figureheads. Unity doesn't. Any of it.

    The climbing in Unity, even with the new "Ascend/Descend" function is terrible, I found myself jumping to places I didn't want to, struggling to climb through a window, getting stuck in certain areas... etc. I've never had as much trouble traversing rooftops in a previous game before and it ended up being undeniably faster to jump down to the streets to get from point A to B instead of running along the tops of buildings. For a game that's heavily focused around making you look cool doing insane parkour, this is unacceptable, speed and mobility are one of the staples of AC and I felt like a drunk with weighted boots as I got around the city.

    The protagonist, Arno Dorian, is a rich Englishman in the middle of the French revolution. I don't know what is going on. We have an interesting time period that we could have used to fuel a compelling story about Arno's position and role in the revolution itself and how it effected him and the lives of the people he knew. Instead we have a weak ass story about getting revenge for his father figure who's actually a TEMPLAR??? NO WAY and the fact that the revolution is going on has literally no impact on him or the story at all for the most part. Arno is two dimensional, fueled only by his desire for revenge, he isn't even a terribly good Assassin, disregarding the Creed and his superiors at every opportunity. Several times better than the leads of III and BF but still much to shallow and poorly written.

    Speaking of poorly written we're tossed in yet again to a "Game within a Game" Inception horns nonsense about Abstergo using the Animus technology to allow people to play the memories as a form of entertainment. In BF you were a game developer and in Unity you're just a run of the mill gamer, here and there some plot is peppered around about you helping some rouge team discover some dirt about Abstergo and in the end nothing happens. The DLC that continues the main story has yet to be released and I don't care anyway, I shouldn't have to shell out extra money to find out how the game really ends, this isn't Asura's Wrath. The "story" is barely that, a series of voice clips here and there, I don't care about who I am who's playing the Animus and I don't care about the dudes on the other side who are telling me about being HACKER REBELS. It's dumb. Give me back the Gods and Desmond nonsense at least that was one linear story that connected all the games, this is all isolated nonsense.

    I'll combine the stealth and combat points in to one for this bit, considering how they basically did away with stealth for more of a Batman Arkham Paris kind of game. Air assassinations and silent kills are still in the game, although you have to "unlock" most of it (???) but for the most part a kill will instantly alert everyone within 4 city blocks of your location even if you did it quietly and no one saw, enemies will suddenly reel around and point you out after you silently slit a throat or toss a knife after which a full on brawl will take place. After a while of playing you'll suddenly realize that stealth is not only under-powered but simply isn't as effective, running in to an area like a madman, tossing endless smokebombs on to the ground and beating people over the head with a hammer is simply faster than any other means of approach, making the whole "plan and assassinate your target" parts of the game nonsense. My plan is to kick the door down Strangehold style, doves flying out from behind me as I shoot 3 guards in the face and beat another in to a fine powder, what game am I playing again? Assassin's Creed? Really now?

    In 3 I talked with George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, we bro'd out. In Black Flag I chilled with Blackbeard and Mary Read and drank ale. In Unity I saw Napoleon once, he seemed alright...? That's about it. I burned a building down once, that might have actually happened during the revolution but I really don't know. Like I said before since your character isn't french and has no stake in the goings on of the time, you don't take part in any major events or meet any major people. It just feels like you just so happen to be in Paris and there just so happens to be a revolution happening but MY TEMPLAR DADDY ;___; so it's all just ignored and wasted.

    It's really a shame. At the end of the day I did manage to beat it though and the coop missions can be fun if you happen to get a group of semi-competent people together. That's all if the game isn't bugging out or crashing though which is a completely different problem entirely. It's a time waster, not a particularly good one. I hope Ubisoft learns their lesson and makes a better game for... next year... *sigh*

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