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Best of 2009

Konanda: Best of 2009

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  • Another Pokemon title another 60 awesome and continuing hours put in. Awesome game for when you just want to chill out and relax or on a commute.

  • For the loot whore in me.

  • Like watching an Indiana Jones film but more intense over the top and snarky.

  • More Kingdom Hearts story with a new magic and level up system, which allows for a crazy amount of character custimization. (battle wise I mean you still play roxas in the story and the nobodies/unlockable characters in mission mode)

  • Just makes me more psyched for Mass Effect 2 (I'm more of a sci-fi fan)

  • A substantially improved version of the Phantom Hourglass in terms of gameplay and progression with a neat story and a ghost princess Zelda who follows you around.

  • Really interesting take on Silent Hill with some cool pychological analyses stuff thrown in.

  • Really beautiful 2D sidescrolling kind of brawler with RPG elements and a dose of Japanese mythology.

  • Crazy ass 2D fighter where every character is really different from the other. Although unfortunatly like all fighting games you have the noob character being flowchart Jin. *sigh*

    Also REBEL 1 I mean come on that is just badass!

  • Now hear me out. The story was pretty bland and perdictable, the character design was off-putting. However the combat system was a really interesting innovation mixing strategy and Active Time Battlesque combat across an actual battlefield. Plus the environments in that game were gorgeous.