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@TruthTellah said:

This is a real shame. I've quite enjoyed Bakhtanians' commentary during tournaments for a while now, but he is quite wrong on this.

People certainly have a right to say whatever they like, but tournaments and eSports also have the right to enforce their own standards of conduct within a tournament environment. And language like this is simply unacceptable. High-level fight gaming does not need to be held back by things like this; instead, people should perhaps start acting like adults and take responsibility for their actions. Trash talking is one thing, but harassing someone and alienating people from feeling welcome in the fight scene isn't right. And if fight gaming plans on continuing its eSports rise, standards for how people act in tournaments must be encouraged and enforced for the betterment of the sport and the fighting game community at large.


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@twillfast said:

Starcraft is only really clean at major events. When watching some players stream, like PsyStarcraft or Destiny, I expect them to be a little foul-mouthed. They are speaking to their stream and their fans and have a tone that's "inclusive" to friends, but could be alienating to outsiders.

If someone who never watched starcraft sees the GSL or MLG, however, they'll be met with professionalism. If the fighting community wants to be as big as the starcraft community, they need to start there. Simple as that. Get a quality stream, cut the shitty casters and in the long run, you'll get more viewers.

Pretty much. The thing to note though is that if a Starcraft player is BM, he actually stands out as being BM. The attitudes of people like CombatEx and Deezer are seen as outside of the norm and are mostly shunned by the community as a result. CombatEx has been trying to fix his image for the last year and it has been tough for him.

Aris believes that an attitude hostile to outsiders is essential to the FGC, which is a huge difference in mentality. That said, he wants to "keep it real" even at the expense of growing the scene, so at least he's consistent.

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@Katkillad said:

What is funny...is the MOBA community is even worse than the fighting game community if you can believe that.

It depends on which MOBA we're talking about. HoN is the absolute worst in my experience while the DOTA 2 community has been surprisingly cool so far.

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@RagingDaemon: It's because most of your points are stupid.

I actually do agree that people in the people in the FGC have every right to act the way they do. It is their community and if they want to keep it insular and not "sell out", which in this case means institutionalizing abusive and unsportsmanlike behavior, it is their prerogative. Aris just shouldn't be surprised at any backlash that comes as a result.

Sperg away

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@RagingDaemon: Thanks for spending so much time writing a huge spergy essay on how you justify being a worthless human being, that was hilarious