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My name is Joe and i obviously love games, when i'm older i intend to become a game critic and work for a game magazine. I own a NINTENDO Wii, NINTENDO DS, NINTENDO GAMECUBE, NINTENDO 64, GAMEBOY ADVANCE SP, GAMEBOY ADVANCE, XBOX360 and a PLAYSTATION 2. My fave game at this moment in time is STAR WARS:THE FORCE UNLEASHED , and my top 3 most anticipated games are:
1. Fable II
2. Mirrors Edge
3. No More heroes

My fave food is Chinese rice, and unsurprisingly my least fave food is broccoli, i can't stand the stuff. I have a dog called Holly, and she is a Tibetan Terrior, and a Syrien Hamster called Honey.

And that's about all i can think of saying for now, see you guys online!   FRIEND CODES- SSBB>1118-1679-2300  MARIO KART Wii>1461-6353-0235