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Getting Starwars:The force unleashed!!!!+Rock on Shippuuden!!!!!!

As you should know by now, Starwars:The force unleashed is going to be awsome! ONM(Official Nintendo Magazine) gave it 86%, and Playr (Game show+Magazine) gave it a whopping 9/10! And i'm going to get tommorow, straight after school on the launch day! It looks awsome! And thanks to the new engine they have made you really can never see the same thing twice! And the troopers and other enemies always act different! And i can't wait to feel the power of the force! Seriously, all the reviewers have said that the force really does make you feel powerful, and that you'll be backchatting your enemies throughout! I can't wait!

Also, on Sunday morning i finished watching the last episode of Naruto and moved straight onto Shippuuden, i did'nt bother watching the original Naruto movies because i was too exited! I'll watch them sometime next week! Whilst writing this blog i am currently on a 1 hour special. It is the episode where Kankuro goes head on against Sasori! Gonna watch it now!