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Long time no blog.......Again......

So while iv'e been forgetting to make a blog i got PoP on the VC and it's definatley one of the most addictive games on it. Who would of thought that popping bubbles was so fun!
Also iv'e started playing a load of forgotten games such as Naruto: Clash of ninja revolution, and Mario and Sonic at the olympic games.
 I have started practising with the Wiimote and nunchuk in Brawl just in case as with my past with 3 GC pads they break.
 Also i have also almost finished watching Naruto, 2 specials 4 movies and 6 episodes away and it is finished, and as i love it so much i decided i'm going to dedicate my whole weekend to the best anime ever in order to move on to Shipuuden (Hurricane Chronicles) Allahiua! Sorry, i can never spell it right :D

And also, just incase you don't know, if you have friends that aren't showing up on your screen, it is not because they tricked you, it's a bug that GB has recently caught, but should hopefully be destroyed soon.