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Fave game characters

My fave game characters ever! A small encyclopedia of awsome!

List items

  • I can't describe how much i love Naruto! I prefere him to all my other fave game characters put together! He also stars in my favoroute show! Guess what it's called? Naruto!

  • Starkiller, a secret assassin working for Lord Vader, his father was killed by vader 10 years beforehand, and he is now one with the dark side of the force......or so he thinks......

  • Link is sort of a memorial to me, The legend of zelda: Ocarina of time was the first game i ever played for fun and completed, and a load of the games to come were a few of my most loved discs ever!

  • How could i have this list and not include tghe main man himself? With perfect platforming, addictive but simple puzzles, and top notch graphics throughout, he has grown to become the most recognisable video game character of all time!

  • This Assassin has all the moves, the skills, but most importantly, the urge to draw blood!

  • Who does'nt like the blue hedgehog? He has everything a good character needs, skill, attitude, humor and a sugar rush!