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Wish List

In this list i will be adding all the games i can't wait to get! They will be taken of the list when i get them!

List items

  • The next step to stardom in the Naruto: Clash of ninja series and the direct sequel to revolution, looks like a star 3D fighter!

  • Ok ok, I know i'm late ro the party but I'm here now and ready to kick some ass!!!

  • I can't say much about this title as developers ubisoft have not let anything out about it at all! All i can say is that it continues from where Assassins creed left off!

  • You play as Faith an undercover agent/free-runner working for the government, the game is entirely firt person!

  • At last! This is almost out in the UK! Finally after all my prayers it has come! Allahua!

  • I meant to get this the week it was released onb Wii! But forgot and let it pass, now i've remembered about it and am more desperate to get it than ever!

  • Possibly my most anticipated Sonic game ever this looks to shine a whole new crimson, gold plated light on the platinum level series. In other words, it's gonna kick ass!

  • At first i wasn't sure about this game, but after reading some reviews, watching some gamplay footages and seeing how colourful it all is and how casual yet so hardcore it all is now it is one of my most anticipated games!

  • Sonic unleashed looks set to redeem SEGA mascot a place in the limelight and also offer some fast paced action aswell! Lets just hope they don't mess this up like they did with other Sonic Games!

  • Banjo-Kazooie:Nuts and bolts is the main reason i got a 360 and is definatley looking to be one of the most varied, fun games around! As a RARE fan aswell my head is going to explode at the anticipation for this! November can't come soon enough!!!!

  • Animal crossing has always been one of the most involving, absorbing and cute games around and the Wii version is set to be no different! Along with a fully interactive online mode, aswell as being sold with Wii speak this is set to be a must have for every Wii owner!

  • This game continues were my favoroute and first ever 360 game left off. Retake the role of Naruto Uzumaki in this fantastic adventure of friendship, love and pain, in an attempt to save Sasuke Uchiha from the hands of Orochi Maru! An essential purchase for any Naruto fan or wannabe ninja!

  • Get ready for the second wave of sports, this time promising to be bigger. badder and better than its predeccessor, offering 8 sports including Jet Ski, Frisbee, but most impressive, Sword Play! This game will also come with wii motion plus, a clever little device that offers true 1:1 motion!