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MY BOY! Not giving Link a voice is what all true warriors strive for!

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Unfortunately, it's hard to see how this benefits the consumer in any way.

Oh, well you see, that's because it doesn't. Screw Ubisoft.

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@crithon said:

Wait a minute, I was fallowing the artist of the comic. I forgot this was a game, just reminded he was one of those super talented artist from 38 studios who worked on Copernicus and his art was amazing.

Yeah that's sort of the biggest thing that bums me out about this. Dawngate was a moba. Moba's are mobas, but the lore/art/story thing they had going for it was actually pretty cool ):

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I have a copy of this for PS3 but still haven't gotten around to playing it. Depending on the price I might just wait for the PC version to get around the loading times. I remain annoyed that this is one of the few games on the PS3 without trophy support because they couldn't be bothered to go back and patch it in.

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@citizencoffeecake said:

Well written Jeff, hopefully it gives some people pause enough to re-think some things.

Sadly, probably not. Watching this whole mess from the outside and trying to ignore this idiocy the best I can, what I can definitely say is that there's no thinking involved on either side, just people violently lashing out at each other impulsively in defense of their own personal "club". Anyone involved who would actually need to read this likely has no interest in introspection or discussion to begin with.

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  • I don't own many movies anymore because I'm streaming on Netflix, Amazon, and iTunes.
  • I don't own many books anymore because I'm buying digitally from Amazon and iTunes.
  • I don't own many albums anymore because I'm streaming on Spotify and Pandora.

Each of these services are riddled with DRM, but it doesn't bother me. I get what I want at really great prices.

And this is where opinions differ,l because this bothers me, a lot. Consumers are giving up a TON of control over the content they spend money on in exchange for not a whole lot.

What if this digital download trend is leading to "software-as-a-service" for everything?

It absolutely is, and it's a really really disturbing thing to watch as the steps there are taken. Microsoft is clearly all on board with it so much so as to make their new Office offerings "Cloud based". Word processing with a subscription. This is the future, and honestly, it's kind of sucky.

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These guys. I like these guys. They know whats up

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I see no way in which this doesn't end up costing you way more in the long run. I really hope this doesn't become a "thing".

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I've been really jaded and cynical about the industry for a long time now, and this kind of crap is exactly why. Even more painful is I've watched the progression, I saw it coming, but there was absolutely nothing to be done to stop it. I remember when you used to be able to just go out, buy the game and enjoy the damn game. Now you have to pre-order, plan what version you're going to buy, where you're going to buy it, all to get the maximum amount of content that may or may not ever be released later and you'll still likely be missing out on one or two little bits.Hell, unless the retail PC version of the game is Steam active, you literally can't play Last Survivor on Steam/PC since it's Gamestop exclusive (without taking the obvious measures to get the DLC, if the files even exist for PC, which it's absurd it should come to that point).

I really don't want to see publishers "try harder" with pre-order bonuses because ultimately that just means further pushing people into the shitty position of waiting it out or pre-ordering to avoid missing out on what has fortunately only been garbage like golden reskins of weapons in the best cases, but in cases like this, potentially substantial amounts of enjoyable content.

I've been really excited for Alien: Isolation, but this whole situation immediately soured my feelings on it. What's worse is that, it's far more likely that this heavy handed pre-order DLC approach is not ignorance to the disaster that was Colonial Marines, but rather in response to that, in an attempt to force pre-orders on a group that is rightfully wary after being burned hard the first time. It's a repulsive situation and turned the game into something I would have bought right away into something I may need to put off, because if I'm going to be punished for not pre-ordering, then there's no incentive to even buy at all during the "launch window" and might as well wait for it to go on sale (a game I would have otherwise been quite eager to pay full price to get at right up front)

But really, as the consumer, what else do you do when you're placed in such a garbage position? If you pre-order the game, you take a gamble on the final product, and that might work out in your favor, but it's still reinforcing really terrible industry behavior. You're being manipulated into the choice. If you don't pre-order and the game is fine on launch, if you buy it right away you're still paying full price, but ultimately get punished by missing out on the pre-order content and the industry will still keep on with this crap because, regardless of if YOU don't pre-order, PLENTY of other people who have no stake, interest, or concern with whats going on in the industry will without thought and justify it, so ultimately you've missed out for nothing. Which leaves the only logical thing to do at that point which is to wait until the price goes down.There's a whole lot of complaining about the "devaluation of video games" but if you ask me, it's being brought on by practices like this.