Best Games 2011

This was really hard to pick this year. Lots of good games, lots of unique experiences. There were some great games I never played, like Dead Space 2, The Witcher 2, and Deus Ex Human Revolution, but I think this is one hell of a list!

List items

  • From the makers of my beloved Phoenix Wright games, Ghost Trick is a cool puzzle/point and click adventure with crisp graphics, excellent music, memorable characters, and the most suspenseful story I have seen in a game since Metal Gear Solid 2... and this one wraps up with a surprise twist that I would have never seen coming if my friend didn't make a random hypothetical shot in the dark at it. Damn you Todenki!

  • Where did this game come from? The Driver franchise always had a soft spot with me since they were basically GTA without the shooting. Driver San Francisco takes a stupid story idea (man stuck in a coma), and runs with it in a way that makes it so compelling, it has become one of my favorite games of the year.

  • Bam... my most anticipated game of 2012. The gameplay is pretty forgettable, but the risk that the Persona team took to make a game centered around a guy cheating on his girlfriend of 5 years because he is afraid of commitment... who does that? It doesn't necessarily pay off in the end due to a bizarre plot twist and ending, but the ride actually made me learn some things about myself, and I can't ask for much more in a video game.

  • Some of the best writing ever in video games. Wheatly is the best sidekick/villan of all time, because you never doubt his intentions. Fantastic, fantastic, fantastic.

  • Spiritual sequel of Demons Souls, I had high expectations for this game. I am glad to say they were fully met. Dark Souls is more challenging, and thus is more satisfying. And lets face it, this game is the best multiplayer game! You can help or hinder players around your skill level, all the while gaining skills to take on the absurd bosses.

  • I love noire storytelling, and I love point and click adventures, and this is a great mix of the two. I only wish they wouldn't tell you you messed up a question until after you solved the case. Instead, my obsessive compulsive self felt obligated to restart to get it right.

  • A group of 5 developers managed to create the best story mechanic ever... a dynamic narrator. Best of all, they incorporated it into a story that feels complete.

  • It fixed the only problem I had with Arkham Asylum while missing the mark on the expanded world. The boss fights are AMAZING!!! Seriously, I fought Ra's Al Ghul, turned off my PS3, and played it again. It was that good! Too bad the open world makes the game feel less polished and puzzly as the first game.

  • When Rockband 3 came out, I wanted to play it with a guitar, but didnt want to pay $150 for a the guitar the game was packaged with since I already have a guitar. Well, Rocksmith stepped in and filled the "I want to learn guitar game" spot that I had.

  • Just more Uncharted... but why the low rank? Uncharted 1 and 2 were both my game of the years. Well, it could be that the formula is getting a little stale. It could be that the story feels like it took a back seat to the gameplay. It could be that there are a few technical issues to the gameplay. It could be that I want something new from Naughty Dog... oh wait, what's The Last Of Us?

  • A strong Point and Click Adventure games that mixes noire storytelling with a future reminiscent of Blade Runner.

  • I really liked Infamous 1, but was weary of the sequel. Luckily, Infamous 2 actually hits a lot of sweat spots in the story, and the gameplay is just as fun as the first.

  • REDICULOUS! That is the only word that does it justice. From tron lightcycles to autotuned pimps to dildo death-bats... REDICULOUS!

  • Just like Final Fantasy Tactics, this game has deep strategy gameplay with the best type of storyline.

  • Shogun Total War was one of my favorite games waaaaay back in the day, and Shogun 2 expands on the formula.

  • While an excellent game in it's own right, it just makes me want to play super offroad. In fact, that is a goal of mine now. I will own the arcade cabinet of super offroad thanks to Renegade Ops.

  • Sorta like Minecraft, but much simpler and more fun. I wish the developers (two guys with a month of free time) would expand on the formula and do more with the rpg world. Still plan on having a team based world with the help of my friend Todenki!