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Best of 2009

Korne: Best of 2009

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    My GOTY 09 (so far... I still have more games I want to play).

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    My suprise of the year... great mechanics, cool enemies, incredible online incorperation, making it one of the most satisfying games I have played in a long time.

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    Awesome Collection of games... and 2 of them I haven't played before.

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    Another suprise... but only the splitscreen coop... all other modes seemed boring.

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    Vanillaware's style is beautiful and fun, and the fluidity of the combat system is awesome. The game gets a bit repetative, but the loot monger in me keeps me collecting all the swords. I just wish the game would have been released on another platform as well, since the game doesn't incorperate any wii motion.

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    The main complaint for this game was generally the slow controls... I think it is its best asset. It makes a very generic genre feel pretty fresh. I also have to make a nod to the graphics and the multiplayer, since they were two other things that I really enjoyed.

  • Incredible world, incredible powers... Terrible boss battles. Seriously, you never really get to fight the joker... you fight minions and then do a quick time event to damage... and then repeat it 2 more times!

  • Cool world, awesome powers, and even though I don't care for morality systems, this one was done pretty well.

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    Disappointing single player, stale and broken multiplayer, but one of the most polished games I've ever played with the best coop missions in a shooter that I have played.

  • If Pikmin and Animal Crossing had a baby, this would be it. The formula works very well.

  • This was my biggest disappointment of the year. Great writing, awesome world, but the campaign is basically a tutorial for a multiplayer that sucks, and the story ends waaaayyy too abruptly.