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Games I beat in 2011

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  • I finally beat it, and enjoyed it a lot. The universe was a lot smaller than I was expecting though. Hopefully it will get bigger when I play ME2

  • Wow, they fixed everything that I didn't like about the last Assassins Creed. While the ending events feel really unattached from everything else that happened, and one end game weapon is just not fun to use, their is still so much new that feels so good. I love the guild system and the flash back sequences of Ezio's past love (but what happened to his current love interest?).

  • Super grindy, but I just love the concept. I never played the last game of this series, so I am building my character back up for the epic.

  • What a cool twist on one of my favorite board games. I beat the short campaign in a few hours, but have kept playing the custom games for maximum enjoyment!

  • For $5 dollars, I am ok with this cheap cash in by Visceral Games. The story options are interesting, and I got a lot of easy trophies out of this title.

  • So much nostalgia... but I'm waiting for this story to pick up. The opening 5 minutes got me super excited, and then they didn't do much with it. I want to know what it all means!

  • It has been a while since I completed a game, but man, Ghost Trick was well worth it. Excellent puzzles, fun characters, and some of the biggest twists ever in a video game. So far, it is my favorite game of 2011.

  • This is not really a game, but more of an interactive choose your own adventure story. While not the best story, it still is extremely entertaining.

  • It has its problems, but I love destroying things in this game. It makes me so happy.

  • After 40 hours, I finally finished Okami. What an excellent game. The bosses are some of my favorite of all time, and the final boss should be looked at for an example of the best way to do a final boss.

  • Fantastic. Just like the first Portal, this isn't the longest experience around, but it is so polished and well done. It challenges without being too hard, a story that keeps you guessing, and is funny as shit! I love the new characters, and we got to see a new side to GlaDos, which was refreshing.

  • Very fun point and click adventure, there is just a few simple tweaks I would like to be made to make it better.

  • Wow, I enjoyed the first game a lot, and I think I enjoyed this even more. The bromance between Zeke and Cole is really good, and the good ending was very satisfying. I wish more developers would be ok with killing off their main characters.

  • Maybe the concept has worn out it's welcome a bit. This was not as quirky and weird as the original, and the ending left something to be desired (especially since the original had an absurd cliffhanger, and this has a Bermuda joke).

  • Very good environmental puzzles. Kinda wish there would have been a little more too it, but beggars can't be choosers.

  • My surprise gem of the year... for how absurd the premise is, it was one of the most intriguing and engaging games I have ever played.

  • This just makes me want to play Super Offroad... maybe that will be the arcade cabinet I will get.

  • I got it, and I beat it in a weekend. But seriously, fuck rainbow road.