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Games I Have Completed in 2010

The title speaks for itself

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  • Awesome, Awesome, Awesome! I love courtroom dramas, anime, and mysteries... this is just a blend of all 3.

  • Free downloadable game that would have been known as one of the best SNES/NES games ever if it was released on the console. This has some of the best gameplay in a 2D platformer ever, but the story is pretty lacking.

  • Pretty fun, kinda funny, not the best game, but one that I am glad to have played.

  • A complete letdown after the first game... the premise doesn't seem like Suda 51's style. Everything is super crazy, but none of it seems to fit with what the first game had going. Maybe that was the point, but I didn't like how the fake administration of the first game becomes real in the second.

  • I beat this game on the hard skill level the first time, and it wasn't fun... it was tedious. Enemies look too much like each other, instant death QTEs, non-responsive gameplay, and a terrible resolution to a paper thin plot. I will give Visceral Games a pass since they made Dead Space a little while ago, but I hope they can make better original IPs than this one.

  • Well, I did it, but I fell asleep during the ending (at 4am), and the ending sucked pretty badly anyway.

    So I am replaying it for one of the better endings and also to complete the social links.

    Still, one of my favorite RPGs of all time... maybe even in my top 5 games!

  • Very happy about this classy title.

  • Fun title, but its about time to call it quits.

  • Surprised that I liked it so much, but it definitely has a few problems that keeps it from being great.

  • Thank you Valve for making this excellent game free. It is probably one of my top 10 games of all time.

  • I guess I beat it... but this game is so strange, I'm not really sure

  • Another downloadable title with an incredible soundtrack. Very cool take on the Brick-Breaking formula.

  • Really cool, and a twist I completely didn't see. I wish Quantic Dream would team up with Naughty Dog... or at least use the real time mocap acting and American voice actors.

  • This series is great, but the additions to this installment were not great, other than the new prosecuting attorney and the little psychic girl. I definitely got a lot more frustrated this time around than in the first game.

  • I beat it, and this is truly one of the best experiences I have ever had. I beat it in one sitting.

  • Well, I beat the game, and got all 120 stars, only to figure out that there are around 80 green prankster stars that are randomly in the levels. I think I'm done with the game... but they give you a lot of extras to accomplish.

  • Completed this game Coop with my friend Justin. well, the game has so many things wrong with it, but it is still so fun and addicting that you don't care,

  • Thanks to me packing away the TV and consoles for the move, I got to revisit some awesome Adventure awesomeness. I will probably complete this series before I start up Monkey Island 2 SE. Expect more completed chapters soon.

  • Funny, clever, and smart... so far, the 4th chapter in the Tales of Monkey Island series is the strongest, and ends with a great cliffhanger for the last chapter.

  • It's done, and they really throw the world of Monkey Island for a loop. The chapter is not very funny, and is close to the most frustrating chapter, but the ending makes me happy that I finished it.

  • Sure, it only takes 20 minutes to beat this game... but I have had 20 complete adventures. I call that a wrap.

  • Awful, terrible story... but some awesome gameplay. This SHMUP/Rail Shooter reminds me a lot of Wild Guns! for the SNES. The camera changes mixed with the epic bosses will be stuck in my mind for a long time.

  • So much promise in this little title, but it falls very short with poor puzzles, 3 hour game length, and probably the worst ending ever.

  • WOW! The Phoenix Wright trilogy wraps up in a very strong way. Probably the best game in the series! Fantastic storytelling, and the last case is amazing (however, 30 minutes too long).

  • The best game I have ever played that was developed by 3 French dudes!

  • Charming... very charming

  • So an average game of Civ V takes about 7 hours, but I beat 3 games in 2 days!

  • What a great game. I actually enjoyed it more than GTA4

  • Interesting gameplay... like opposite style of Valkyria Chronicles (move like a normal turnbase SRPG, but the combat is in real time). The story is trash, with a terrible end.

  • Even with how much I hated what Team Ninja did to Samus's character, the game is still really good. If you play this game, give it time to blossom. Also, the last 10 minutes fixed a lot of things in my eyes.

  • One of the great hidden gems of the PS2 era. Also one of the best stealth games I have played.

  • My personal favorite downloadable game of the year. Addictive gameplay paired with tons of charm, a stiff challenge, and one of my favorite soundtracks.

  • I'm lumping this entire season into one title. Who knew that playing an episode of Strong Bad Emails would be just as good as watching an episode.