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Marathon Games

These are games that I played for 5 hours in one sitting... which I don't do a lot. 

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  • I am dead set on finishing this game, and the endurance runs have sparked new life in this title.

  • This is my new addiction, taking the spot that RB2 has finally left. I love DoTA games, and this is one hell of a DoTA game!

  • I was a bit late to this game, but I had one really good 6 hour session where my fighter went 21-2-0.

  • This is an obscure game that was recommended on WTF: Games You've Never Heard Of. I picked it up for 5 dollars spent the next 12 hours with my friend Todenki playing the hell out of it. It is a blend of Valkyria Chronicles and Infinite Space, set in an altered post-WW2 Japan. Very cool game, and a great game to assign characters to each player.

  • Not my favorite FF, but good enough for me to sink my teeth into. I love the combat system... you just have to make sure to stay away from the auto battle for any class other that the Ravanger or the Commando.

  • After finishing this awesome game, I finally marathoned Muramasa while trying to get the rest of the blades!

  • Not only did I marathon this gem, but also beat it in one sitting... the first time I have done this since Top Gear on the SNES!

  • Started off slow for me, but the last day of my rental, I put up the big 5 hours!

  • This game sucked so many straight hours out of me... really hard to stop

  • I just beat the single player game in 6 hours (but it was epic). I plan on watching 3 others play the single player, and I will probably spend another 6 hours playing the coop mode.