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Sub Par Platformer 0

Epic Mickey is nothing more than a few good ideas thrown into a sub-par platformer. Even with the vast catalogue of characters Disney has to o ffer, the world still seems really flat and uninspired. Pair this with the poor platforming controls, the wonky camera, and the over-simplified paint/thinner puzzles, and you have a bad game. The best part of Epic Mickey is the concept art, which shows us that this game could have had a cool style if taken to a slightly different direction    ...

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Interesting Premise 2

Seriously, you play as a ninja robot assassin that kills other ninja robot assassins for points, and then self destructs to cash them in... What a great idea.  Too bad the gameplay is sub par. The combat is fast paced and frantic, which in this case, is good. For those who get motion sickness, do not play this.   Now for the bad parts: Running controls feel too lose, hitting a wall in mid air causes you to stick (breaks the flow of the game), locking on by loading up your attack is a terrible id...

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Unique and Challenging 0

Ring of Red is an obscure SRPG that is set in an altered post-WW2 Japan, where the country has been split into 3 regions... South Japan, North Japan, and Soviet Japan.  After the Atom Bomb was dropped on Hiroshima, airplanes have been banned in japan. The new form of combat is between walking tanks aka AFWs. You control a bunch of AFWs and move them around a spaced board to combat other AFWs.   Gameplay wise, this may sound a bit like the Front Mission series. Well, there are two very large diff...

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