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Games that almost made my Game of the Year list

These are the games that ALMOST made my game of the year list . They didn't though. Maybe they hurt me, maybe they did something UNFORGIVABLE to me, maybe they promised something great and then at the last second, rendered my HEART IN TWO. 
Or maybe they just weren't good enough?

List items

  • Kinda dug the singleplayer, despite the ludicrous storyline and the atrocious voice acting and the general butchering of Cold War History. In the end though, the MP got boring after 40 or so hours, and basically that's all the game had going for it.

  • Really, really liked Persona 4. I decided to play P3. I had never played it before. It was still a great game, but it's not Persona 4. It just.... isn't. It isn't as good. Something about the characters and the setting just didn't click with me. Plus, the PSP's ultra condensing of the game world made it seem really limited. I get the feeling it was for Persona fans only.

  • I really enjoyed the storyline. I loved the characters. I dug the music. I liked all those things so much that I REALLY started to resent the puzzles getting in the god-damn way!

  • I won't lie - bloody BRILLIANT game for the first third. But after that the game's atmosphere dies away to be replaced with mostly physics puzzles. The problem is that NOTHING in the game tops the spider-moments, and those occurred in the first moments of the game. Don't start a show with a show stopper man.

  • Who would have thought that a downloadable game was going to be so good? Ultimately it loses out because: 1) Way too short and easy and 2) If you didn't have a friend to play it with, it wasn't worth playing. And it was basically broken at launch.

  • I liked it a whole lot better than the original Dead Rising, mostly because I was expecting the crazy before I got in. Doesn't change the fact that the game is crazy.

  • Despite the box art, I played it on the PC. And I liked it. It was refreshing. Doesn't change the fact that it just can't compare to SCII or Civ 5. It's a nice game. It's a shame it just doesn't stack up against the heavy weights.

  • Great game for break-out/arkanoid fans. Refreshing. Great OST. Still though - too short, too little. A great downloadable title. Not GOTY Material.

  • It was fun. But it was more Mario Galaxy. I already played that game in 2007.

  • Not a bad game at all. But again, I played it quite some time ago, when it was called Bioshock. The story was good. Just not as good as the first one. The shooting mechanics were improved, but I didn't play Bioshock for the shooting. I dug the style of rapture. It's a pity that I've seen it before.