Best of 2010

Korwin: Best of 2010

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  • While the RPG elements from the first game were somewhat toned down, the character development and game play take a step forward in the follow up to my personal 2007 GOTY.

  • DICE's stripped down and more close up version of the seminal Battlefield series made it's way to PC and has become a major contender in between Valve Team Fortress 2 and the Call of Duty franchise.

  • A surprisingly excellent second chapter to last year's Assassin's Creed 2. Who'd have through the guys at Ubisoft could pull of such a well produced titles in as little as a year. Just don't make a habit of yearly milking it guys.

  • Blowing stuff up in a communist run tropical paradise hasn't been this fun in well... ever.

  • Obsidian's story telling expertise come together with Bethesda's own brand of open world RPG (complete with a composite list of both studio's particular brands of jank).

  • Remedy finally released it's long teased Microsoft exclusive title. While some of the game play segments could feel a little shallow and repetitive in places this was largely over shadowed by Sam Lakes always brilliant writing and some of the best atmosphere and voice acting in a game to date.

  • This eerily beautiful black and white indie game oozes personality. The fact that a game this short can hold up on a list of mutli-million dollar mainstream titles really speaks to how you can do a lot with only a little.

  • Not necessarily everybody's cup of tea, however it's impossible to ignore the impact of this launch. Twelve years after the original title took the RTS genre by storm Blizzard has thrown down with a bigger, shinier and more robust sequel that is still very much "A Starcraft Game". And for the millions of people playing, watching, living and breathing this franchise the world over... that's just fine by them.

  • Can I have my girlfriend back now Popcap?

  • Rockstar's passion for the open world title transferred surprisingly well to this late western setting.