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A Look Back At the Invalid Opinions of the SFIII Cast

When Street Fighter III Third Strike first came out for me on the Dreamcast, it was a thing of beauty. I was compelled with it's animations, rosters, music, it's overall presentation was something that made me condense my view that Street Fighter III was one of the greatest fighting games of all time. But there was a stark contrast among another group of Street Fighter fans, the overly nostalgic Street Fighter II fans. Their views was just pure insanity. Why? Because none of it makes any sense at all, and can clearly tell that they haven't played the game to an extent. 
I guess it starts out with the gameplay of Street Fighter III. The game put more empathizes on defense and precise timing, also, they're was the parries. That didn't sit well with that crowd; as a result, they hated the gameplay of Street Fighter III.  But what about the characters, why do those characters get so much hate? It's due to the fact that they're coming from Street Fighter III. It has nothing to do with design, characteristics, or any of the sort (I mean seriously, if you're willing to accept Street Fighter EX characters, who were never a part of the Street Fighter universe to begin with, then you have no problem accepting the Street Fighter III cast).
But they try to cover it up, they started getting ridiculous with their opinions. I heard some of the stupidest views of the Street Fighter III cast (Think of it like the Wii haters giving out their views on the system; if you're Wii fan, then you know how invalid they are). The most used opinions about the Street Fighter III cast has to be "This character plays like this character." *sign* Some of the opinions I've heard that are in that vain are: " Elena plays like Dee Jay," " Alex plays like Guile," " Yun & Yang plays like Rufus or Fei Long." 

 You may be a scrub - no,  you may be a idiot if you agree with this person.
 You may be a scrub - no, you may be a idiot if you agree with this person.

The other is "They're too freaky for Street Fighter/They don't fit in." I said this early, if you're willing to accept the Street Fighter EX characters, then you have no problem accepting the Street Fighter III characters, but that's not how they see it. I also see fans about how they talk about how the Street Fighter II cast was "perfect." I mean really? A white guy with a failed high-top who can magically throw boomerangs for no reason is perfect. But a British boxer who throws a rose as part of his taunt is too freaky for Street Fighter. The Street Fighter II roster is no better than the Street Fighter III, the reason why people don't see that is due to one thing, nostalgia. If the Street Fighter II was perfect, then how can I counter Street Fighter II fanboys' arguments on how the Street Fighter III roster is terrible by bringing up examples from the Street Fighter II cast?
When Street Fighter IV was first announced, the character requesting began. Of course Street Fighter II fanboys were worried about Street Fighter III characters making the cut; even Jeff Gerstmann actually said "I don't want to see anybody from Street Fighter III." Even with everybody from Street Fighter II added in the game, that didn't stop them from telling Capcom not to bring Street Fighter III characters in the game, because, I kid you not, they honestly believe that if a Street Fighter III character was added, Street Fighter IV will play exactly like Third Strike. But their dreams were crush when three of the Street Fighter III characters got added into Super Street Fighter IV; and yes,  there were overly nostalgic fans demanding Capcom not to bring Street Fighter III characters in Super Street Fighter IV when that game got announced. 
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So will the invalid opinions end? No. There are invalid opinions flowing around among characters like T. Hawk, he's not my favorite character but the opinions as to why he sucks is just retarded. But there will be knowledgeable fans that will come in and show them how stupid they really are.