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hey guys, hook me up on xbox live gt Kournelle
soon changing to sKROTO_sAGGINS
k peace


Wow its been a while

Hey BOmbers.
wuts goin on???
its been a longtime since i wrote that last blog cuz me and that chick have been datin...
ummm tell me whats been goin on with you guys so i can think of stuff to write about


Another win for the Swampfoxes, NEED HELP

yup, us JV guys beat Garret Tech 28 to 21 or something...that gives us a 2-1 ratio making us region champs so far

also im totally mackin on this other chick, Taylor Dojan, we call her Trojan, and im askin her out tomorrow night at the varsity game.
im not sure if i should ask her out, shes hella hot; or go to the movies with this chick whos leaving for Japan in a month and a half...


Story of my life

ok well back in cali i wuz all fat and funny and creepy, right?
so, now we moved to SC about two year ago and that all changed.
It changed as i joined the football team and made certain friends
and learned new things and found new things in life that I had never known before
and because of all that, now i am a totally different person for having experienced what i have
and its those experiences that put me up higher on the 'food chain' with girls and friends
and now instead of being the fat funny guy, im a jock!
the exact opposite of what i would have benn in Cali!
its all very confusing, yet true



Ok for all of you who read my last blog it was a fake at the end.  Me and my friend Ryan wrote it yesterday for some stupid reason.  We were laughing then and now that yall responded to it were laughing even harder at you guys...especially at the parts where i nicked it and told my gf.  OMG! if yall bought that then you guys are serious suckers.  Like Player 1 said, me and my stuff is my business.  i would never post stuff like that on the internet where the PedoBear can find

but the clan is still on

]edit[  I will be waiting a maximum of 48 hours for all clan requests.  After the first set of trials, i will let you know when i will accept more, if i accept more.


My COD 4 clan...and shaving

Hey im making a clan on COD 4 called the Dream Team [drEm]   and if you wanna be apart of it play me one on one by sending me a message via xbox live.  my gamertag is Kournelle

Also, i took one the first few steps to shaving.  No, ive been shaving my face for a year now but i got curious and shaved my '[ackage'. It was kinda easy and like shaving my face.  The only bad part wuz that i nicked my right nut and it stings SO bad.   ya i told my girlgriend and she was all like 'It took you this long!?'  lol   not the response i expected.