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  • Love it or hate it, Resident Evil 5 was definately the great divider of 2009. Being the sequal to the critically acclaimed, and game changing Resident Evil 4; many people were anticipating this game a great deal. Alot of people seemed to be let down by it upon release, as for me, I fucking loved it. I have played through the entire game with a friend around ten times now. Capcom did a great job at making a seven hour game last a lifetime. The constant weapon upgrades, the loot aspect, the ridiculous amount of unlockables led this to be my most played game of the year. I have logged around 75 hours into that game...

  • When Donald Mustard uttered the word "MetroidVania", I was sold. Not only did this game fulfill the nostalgia quota, but it also provided me and many others with one hell of an enjoyable and replayable experience. I dread to think how many times I've gone through this game now. The completionist in me was given one huge task when it came to the collectibles and upgrades in this game... but boy did I enjoy the challenge!

  • inFAMOUS was off my radar for the majority of '09, purely because I didn't have direct access to a PS3. As the year reached it's final months, I finally got my hands on both a PS3 and this game... and oh man! The fluid movement, the awesome powers, the way the game just 'felt' was unbelievable. Generally superhero games are marred by bad licences, and time constraints... but with this being an original IP... it really, really flourished. Anyone who says Prototype is better needs to get their damn head checked.

  • I have never played the original F.E.A.R. or it's subsequent expansion packs, but this certainly didn't affect my appreciation for this game. Through the use of datalogs, F.E.A.R. 2 did a fantastic job of keeping anyone who missed out on it's predecessor up to date. Very rarely does a game scare me, but this did it over and over and over again. The constant tension, the poltergeist esque shenanigans, the Alma moments. All these aspects resulted in the most frightening, and one of the most engaging single player campaigns of the year.

  • The original Left 4 Dead provided my friends and I with the best co-operative gaming experience that we'd had in a LONG time. Though the thought of not playing as Bill, Louis, Francis or Zoey had me a little worried at first. Once I finally got my hands on this, however, my fears were put to rest. The addition of melee weapons, ammo modifiers, new special infected and Ellis made this the best online multiplayer game of the year.