Best of 2013

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  • Although it certainly doesn't live up to it's predecessor, Saints Row IV still keeps the crazy train rolling with this super powered sequel. The addition of said super powers changes the game flow entirely, making traversal a cake walk, and combat a breeze. The humour is still top notch, the story is still bat shit and the characters are still the degenerate psychopaths that we fell in love with two years ago. Oh, and those romance options are fantastic.

  • Lara Croft has been a wayward soul for a good number of years now, but Crystal Dynamics really revitalised both her and the series with this newest reboot of the franchise. In a lot of ways, it's an Uncharted clone, but I say that with a high amount of praise. A lot of games try to be Uncharted, but few reach it's heights. Tomb Raider may not quite reach the dizzy peaks of Nathan Drakes escapades, but boy does it come close on multiple occasions. A fantastic action adventure game, with an incredibly rounded and believable new Lara. Good job, Crystal D!