Top 10 Games of all Time

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  • I have never felt such a sense of fullfilment in a game like I did with MGS4. This game was everything I'd hoped it would be, and it will go down as one of the greats. Truly a masterpiece in storytelling and a near perfect end to Snakes story.

  • That's right... I went there... Mass Effect 2 is a better game than it's predecessor (although this spot goes to the series as a whole). The support characters were better fleshed out and more relatable, the gameplay was leaps and bounds ahead of the original, and the music was absolutely brilliant. I have never felt so awesome going through an endgame sequence in my life.

  • Would you kindly listen to me when I say... the plot twist in this game practically made me shit my pants. It blew my freakin' mind. Oh yeah... and the game was pretty good too!

  • I've always been a fan of the Resident Evil series, but it got to a point where the gameplay started feeling a little rusty. But thankfully, the developers thought the same and reinvented the series with RE4. Not only did it reinvent the wheel for the RE series, but for games to come. The over the shoulder viewpoint has been replicated in pretty much EVERY third-person action game since.

  • I'm gonna try and explain this decision without using the word emotional. Ahh crap. Up until very recently, Final Fantasy VII sat atop this list... and I had to go through some serious thinking to come to the decision that FF7 has no place in my top five. Nostalgia was my sole reason for it being there, and that alone is not enough. Final Fantasy X gave me characters that I could relate to and care about. It had a battle system that was alot of fun to use. It had a levelling up system like no other, that when used in the right way... was really rewarding. It had everything I want from a JRPG. And the relationship between Yuna and Tidus was one of the sweetest things I've ever seen.

  • Persona 4 and Giantbomb have become pretty much synonymous with one another. For quite a few years the JRPG market had felt a little stale, with very few top quality releases occuring. So when this game hit the shelves, I jumped for joy. And with good reason; quite simply... I love this game.

  • Normally when people put a point and click adventure game in their list, it inherently comes with the words "Monkey Island" splattered all over it. But for me; Broken Sword truly mastered the genre. It mixed genuinely good comedy moments, with sheer moments of panic. The story was dark, and remarkably interesting. And the lead character was just an absolute blast to play as. We love you George Stobbart!