Best of 2009

Kr3lian: Best of 2009

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  • Took me completely by surprise.

  • The best comic book video game that was not based on a comic book.

  • The best writing I have seen in a Nintendo-published game.

  • It must be that tiny bit of Nintendo fanboy left in the recesses of my heart, but I loved this game in spite of the fact that Nintendo could have made it much better.

  • A true masterpiece of graphics, story, and sound (ie "production value"), this game just didn't really do it for me when it came down to the mechanics. Still, one of the better games I played this year.

  • What this game lacked in overall polish, it made up for in atmosphere. I have never played a racing game that made me feel more like I was in a race car.

  • It saddens me that this will be yet another underplayed Tim Schafer game.

  • Really, really, really fun - until it wasn't. I was happy for those 20 hours before I got sick of it.

  • I admit that Flower isn't much of a game, but it is certainly an interactive experience that shows just how beautiful our medium can be.

  • I had Beatles Rock Band here, but that was before I started playing Spirit Tracks. What a smooth experience, even though it starts a bit slow.