Top 10 games I love that most young gamers have never played

A "back in my day" list to learn the youngins

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  • The original Descent was a great game, but 2 was a revelation. Descent 3 finally got with the program with a rich storyline and varied environments, but Descent 2 really nailed a genre that has yet to be attempted again: the first person shooter with 6 degrees of freedom.

  • My absolute favorite RPG of all time. The gameplay was fairly stripped down as far as RPGs go (contrast with its contemporary FF7's deep materia system), but was a lot of fun. What really made Xenogears stand out was the atmosphere and story. Xenogears moved me like no other game at the time, and remains my measuring stick for judging the care put into developing a game's backstory.

  • Not only did Diablo 2 revolutionize the quality of CGI cutscenes, it provided the most addicting loot-grabbing experience of its day. Borderlands is a lot of fun, but nothing can touch the series that really brought party-based looting into its own.

  • A game that was waaaaaaay ahead of its time. I don't know if any stealth game, even subsequent Thief games, have been able to match the brilliance of the Metal Age.

  • Although Mechwarrior 2 was revolutionary, MW3 really gelled and was something special. With fully realized 3-D graphics and decent textures, MW3 hit a "mech-sim" vibe that hasn't really been matched, in my opinion.

  • Arkham Asylum is my pick for best game of 2009, but long before we had hi-def there was this gem. Sure, Batman: the Video Game only loosely resembled the movie on which it was based, but it was a lot of (very challenging!) fun and has some of the best 8-bit music that has ever been produced. It also has some of the best wall-jumping of any platformer.

  • I played this with my sister every day for an entire summer. I always won, but it was so fun that she wanted to play anyway.

  • I was so into this game that it convinced me to buy a force-feedback flight stick with rudder control and a hat. This game is a true relic - it's from when flight combat sims were SIMS and put hair on your damn chest.

  • Yes, this series was kind of funny a long time ago. Well, it was funny to my very young, male brain.

  • One of the most forward thinking games ever, this Warren Spector masterpiece shows just how far a good development team can push a genre forward. Though it wasn't as revolutionary as Half-Life, Deus Ex set the stage for future RPG/FPS games like BioShock and Fallout 3.