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Modern Military Action in Portable Bite Sized Chunks 1

Zipper Interactive's track record has been uneven at best since their Combined Assault SOCOM game on the PS2, and some would say even before then. There was a lot of positive reaction to MAG, but in a lot of ways it seemed like a game ahead of it's time on the PS3. SOCOM 4 was looked at unfavorably overall, and now with the launch of the PS Vita, they have released Unit 13, a game that feels and looks a lot like a SOCOM title, but with a narrower focus.Graphics -Unit 13 is being released in the ...

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A Prequel Worthy Of It's Name 0

With any new console, it's good to have at least one launch title that makes people look up and take notice. Uncharted: Golden Abyss was definitely that game for the PS Vita. Sure, you had Wipeout, Lumines, Ridge Racer, and a few other more niche titles, but at the end of day, most PS3 owners who have ventured into the world of Nathan Drake are going to be salivating at the idea of another adventure, and for good reason, Golden Abyss is an enjoyable, lengthy romp with our favorite digital advent...

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No Shields? Well I Don't Need Them! 0

I went into Wolfenstein with not a lot of expectations, after reading some pretty scathing reviews online for the game, with Jeff G's being one of the few giving me hope that this would be a decent followup to Return to Castle Wolfenstein.  After hearing that it's not that hard, and assuming that reviewers were playing on normal, I figured I'd get my money's worth out of Raven's newest shooter, and picked Bring 'Em Hard from the difficulty list.  I gotta say, the trip through alternate history N...

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Like having a beer in the backyard, but with a mouse in your hand 0

When I think FPS, I normally think 15-20 weapon types, at least half of them with an alternate firing mode, 15-20 minutes of mowing down the same enemy with a different hat, pants, or skin color over and over until you reach a room on the other side of the map with a guy in a wifebeater who can take 50-60 solid shots to the chest and head before he finally either dies or jumps in a chopper laughing and disappears until you fight him a second time in a later level, and then he has a rocket launch...

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