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My zombie apocalypse army

The following characters/people are pretty badass, and I would have no problem trusting them with my life if a zombie apoc were to occur.

List items

  • He may look like a fleshy zombie target, but only his head is an original part of his body. The rest of his body is an old cyborg design. He would spec in short to medium ranged combat, due to the nature of his firearms and virtual immunity to the zombie virus via bite.

  • Tetram is heavily armored and would be able to take out zombies the same way he takes out players in Uncharted- Choke hold, neck snap. In most zombie lore, a zombie needs its head and/or brain to function. Snapping it's neck and ripping the head off would effectively disable the zombie.

  • Hatapon would carry a battle standard with him at all times to motivate the troop. He would be accompanied by several Patapon for defensive means.

  • I could list some Chuck Norris jokes as reasons for him being here, but i'm sure you've heard them all.