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Kraznor: Best of 2010

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  • By several dozen miles, this game is far and away the most mind-bending, weird, out-of-left-field game I played this year. Because of this game, I watched all of Twin Peaks. Because of this game, my understanding of what a budget game could accomplish changed forever. And all those amazing movie references, that insanely catchy theme song, the hilarious characters. No game entertained me as thoroughly as this one right here.

  • Wasn't really keeping an eye on this one but then the reviews hit and I rushed out to buy it. Really well-crafted open world game with the best gunplay Rockstar has ever managed. One of the best endings in gaming history as well, with one of the best fist-pumping-inducing final shots in any entertainment medium this year. And hey, solid multiplayer as well.

  • The year started strong with this one, an improvement over the original Mass Effect in every way. Action that was actually kind of enjoyable and all the great dialogue one can now expect from Bioware, in addition to some top-notch graphics, an insanely detailed and compelling sci-fi universe and a cast of really cool characters (with a few exceptions but no one said you had to have them in your party). May have ranked higher if I had played it more recently, still putting off that insanity playthrough.

  • Broken? Yeah, kinda. Still, I had an amazingly good time with this game overall. Reminded me how thoroughly enjoyable a rich role-playing experience can be. Some great characters, a really compelling plotline (especially compared to Fallout 3) and tons of great voice acting. That and hardcore mode, which I fully intend to devote some serious time to in the new year.

  • A game so compelling, played it seven times in a row. That's partially because its so short, but the sharp art-style, heavy atmosphere and solid gameplay made it a pleasure to play through each time. I suppose I wish it was longer, or the achievements were even more demanding, but I still fondly recall my time spent with this game and eagerly await Playdead's next project.

  • This was the game that opened my eyes to exactly how compelling mobile games can be. Spent dozens of hours playing it, so blown away by its awesome premise, solid design and charming personality. Of course, there is definitely room for improvement, but the simple idea of a Game Development tycoon game deserves bonus creativity points. Would definitely play a sequel with an even deeper set of things to do. And maybe a fifty year option instead of limiting it to twenty. Still, great stuff, the iPhone is a gaming platform now. How about that?

  • Perhaps the best first-person shooter I played all year, mainly because of its focus on awesome, gory combat. Raven knows how to make some awesome guns and they did just that while packing in a decent enough story about time travel and crazy commies. Fun all the way through. Only wish the multiplayer had a straight-up deathmatch mode so you could put those awesome guns to good use, as opposed to the okayish, Left for Dead-derivative multiplayer mode that is in there. Oh well, this game was criminally overlooked despite its high-quality. You should check it out.

  • The game so good, I bought it twice (well, it was 3.75 on Steam so how do you NOT buy that). My first experience with "Masocore" gaming, I was surprised at how adept I was at platforming. Then I was ashamed as the game revealed that it had so many insane, soul-crushing tricks up its sleeves that showed my pitiful "skills" for what they were. Challenging, but in a good way (kind of, I have never hurled so many profanities at a game in all my days), this game shall likely receive periodic play for some years to come. Until its beaten, which will likely never happen. But maybe if I use the VVVVVV guy on that one Dark World level in hell I could....

  • Kind of feel obligated to add this game to the list because of the incredible spell it cast over me for the two weeks following its release. I did nothing but play this stupid, ridiculous open-world action game, racking up 50 hours of play in no time at all. There is still more to do, I just haven't found the time. But man, love this game's commitment to absurdity. There is a nightclub on a ZEPPELIN. That is the most awesome thing I can imagine, and I was there, shooting dudes with a shotgun as giant techno beats shook the sky, then proceeded to jump off the thing and freefall for a good mile or so, before parachuting and gliding away as though this were part of everyday life. Man, so much fun. Also, airplanes. Anyway, that's enough.

  • Why the bottom of the list? Because whoever allocated the achievements on this game is PURE EVIL AND SHOULD BE FIRED. How could you assign such criminally easy achievements to such a awesome game riddled with so many levels and so many game modes that are never taken into account. I got every achievement this thing had within an HOUR. I played it for at least ten times as long as that because it is so damn good. The music, the speed, the obsession with upping one's high score to obtain a better ranking on the leaderboards. But then, that leaderboard activity slowed to a crawl because no one is playing it anymore as the carrot to drive them onward, those pesky achievements, no longer dangles in front of them. Really really love this game, I just wish I had a reason to keep playing it. Maybe Miyamoto was right...