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My Experience with Nier in 2018 0

I’m tremendously self-conscious writing this review and could espouse on the reasons I felt I needed to in some vain, conceited way, which I already have begun doing, but I just want to express how I came to play this extraordinary game in 2018 and why I’m so glad I did.Giant Bomb’s GOTY 2017 Discussions. Divisive. Heated. Passionate. One game was at the centre of much of that, Nier: Automata. A sequel to a 2010 action RPG I happened to own, sitting idly on my shelf for six ye...

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Prince of Persia looks nice, but borrows a lot from better games 0

Ubisoft's last "Prince of Persia" trilogy was generally pretty fun but many criticized the darker tone the last two chapters took on, longing for a fun and light-hearted adventure like they had in "Sands of Time". Those people will have their wish at least partially granted in the latest entry in the series, simply titled "Prince of Persia" (though the protagonist is not established as being royalty or from Persia, but whatever). This latest entry seeks to distance itself from the past trilogy, ...

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Fun and addictive rhythm game from the makers of Warioware 0

Rhythm Tengoku is an extremely simple yet fun minigame collection that was developed by the same team that developed the Warioware games. As such, it provides short and easy to understand minigames, all centered around music. The game still has that bizarre sense of humor that made Warioware so much fun. Plucking onions to produce music? Genius, and all the more brilliant as the onions have faces and smile when successfully plucked. There are all kinds of games that are just as weird but really ...

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Flawed, but interesting horror-themed FPS 0

Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth was in development for an exceedingly long time so the fact that the game kind of fell behind the graphical curve is understandable but still unfortunate. Even though the game certainly doesn't look like anything special from a technical standpoint, it more than makes up for it by providing you with an unsettling atmosphere and a head-trip of a storyline.I am completely unfamiliar with the written works of H.P. Lovecraft but all I can say regarding this...

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Still stands as a funny and intriguing adventure game 1

Day of the Tentacle is a timeless classic thanks to its clever writing and its inventive setting. The story concerns a genetic experiment known as Purple Tentacle, who drinks some toxic water despite the protest of fellow genetic mutation Green Tentacle. Purple immediately grows arms and resolves to turn on his creator, Dr. Fred, and all of humanity. You play as three characters, Bernard, Laverne and Hoagie who are quickly trapped in various time periods by Dr. Fred's malfunctioning time machine...

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