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SSF: IV 3D for the 3DS but no 3DS???

So here's the beef. I recieved Super Street Fighter: IV on the 3DS a few days ago and still no sign of the 3DS. I made the mistake of ordering from and was thus punished for my foolishness when to my shock on Friday, not a single parcel passed through my letterbox (lol). SO, I'm sitting here, 3DSless and drooling over a game which I am dying to play... Thank you so much Zavvi... Not to fear though, I have been notified that a unit has been shipped to me at precisely 18:11 GMT. I wonder if I am the only one who had this problem? Ah well, I should have it tomorrow with some luck...


So I recently joined Gamebattles... is a site from the creators of MLG (Major League Gaming for those unfamiliar). It allows players who are interested in competitive multiplayer gaming to join ladders for popular multiplayer games to meet their match or get better through competition. There are different ladders for different games on different consoles or systems. For example there are ladders for PC games such as Counter-Strike. These ladders can be made up of single players interested in 1v1s, double ladders for 2v2s and team ladders for 4v4 or 5v5 matches etc. There are different ladders for different games and only certain ladders are available in certain regions. I currently cannot join a counter-strike ladder for the EU region as it mustn't be popular enough for MLG to make a ladder, which sucks as america has it and we don't >=( 
I have so far joined singles ladders for Modern Warfare 2, Gears of War 2 and Halo 3. I have recently created a team for Gears of War 2 with people I frequently talk to on XBox Live. I have been doing crap but will be playing much more so I get better, cuz it's just embarassing, I'm not supposed to be a n00b!!!

Initial thoughts on AVP: UPDATE!

Starting to get tired of the same old go here kill some people then move on while getting pretty much bugger all for it. I don't know about you guys but I loath playing as predator, simply because I don't find him fun to play as. The aliens controls are starting to get on my nerves but playing one chapter in each campaign in rotation is somewhat keeping the gameplay varied. I feel a little glimmer of excitement each time it is the marine campaign's turn for some playing through. So far if I was to rate this title it would probs be a 2/5 or 3/5, however, still undecided. 
Back to hell I go...

Initial thoughts on AVP

So I rented Aliens Vs Predator, a fps that looks quite dodgy and a game which most people were skeptical about just before purchasing it. I have to say I'm glad I rented it as it definitely doesn't live up to the fact that its worthy at buying at full price. That doesn't mean it's a BAD game however as it keeps me compelled, not throught the mediocre story that you get in this game but through the fact that I find it quite fun besides  the alien taking a while to get used to control-wise, your fellow marines being EXTREMELY stereotypical jarheads and Rebellion struggling with finding something for the predator to do. That what I've wondered as In the marine or alien campaign you rarely see the predator. I blame interspecies racisim... Anyway moving on! 
By far I've realised that the marine campaign is much more entertaining than the other two campaigns with predator's being the least enjoyable. Partially because I like blasting xenomorphs heads off with the shotty or picking off face huggers with my pistol, which is crap for pretty much anything else btw. The alien is still quite fun to play, as i get some sort of satisfaction biting off the faces of scared humans with the least satisfying voice acting, running around aimlessly missing me when im just two metres in front of them on a pretty low ceiling. 
Anyway initial thoughts out of the way I shall go to play some more of this game and enjoy more human brains, nom nom.