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Kane and Ryu

I think Kane from C&C would make a good president because he  inspires respect, fear and loyalty with nothing else but the sound of his voice (you thought Obama was good at speechs). Also how many presidents can say they survived a ion cannon? Yeah theres some credentials.
Ryu would make a fine VP due to his pro martial arts stance on everything plus he spearheaded the research into Haduken based energy which is 100% green; beat that climate change!


A video that explains so much

My friend told me to look up somthing on youtube call those arn't muskets and while the machinima sketch he pointed out was funny this video really stole the show for me. It's how video game pitchs go.



old Tanya vs new Tanya

I liked the enthusiasm of Red Alert 2's Tanya (she really sold that "Shake it baby" line) but I won't pass judgement until I play the Red Alert campaign.


Finished Braid try this.

Just got Braid today and I'm loving every frustrating minute of it! Although it got me thinking of another puzzle game a friend showed me a while ago. It's called Karoshi 2.0 and can be found through the link. After the first few levels it really starts to get hard and you need to really have your wits about you although the greatest thing is that you never quite know what to expect from one level to the next. The goal of each level is to kill yourself and it's free, definetly a game you should check it out if you have a few hours to burn.

I also got geometry wars 2 today (after judging weather to get Bionic Commando Rearmed or geometry wars 2) and that thing is addictive as hell! Just having all of those leaderboards in front of you really pushes you to have just one more shot (although I'm going to have a more respectable score before I put a scorecard up here though) I'm gonna need to get more Microsoft points due to castle crashers coming out soon and to get Bionic Commando, also theres Mercs 2 to look foward to on the 5th of September (The US get to blow everything up about a week before the UK)


Thoughts on the site.

     This site looks fantasic. I've played around with the editing tools and they're really easy to use, and the site can only grow making it easier to edit concept and characters (since there are more pages for them). Although I don't have to much time to mess around with anything as I'm going to Spain tomorrow.
     Also if you want to send a friend request my way feel free especially if you were regularly on the chat I've got some of you guys but not all of you.