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Official hate the CoD-haters thread

Our societies moves in popularity waves. Things are first niche, then they become popular, and when they grow too popular, it becomes popular to not like it anymore. This has been the case with the CoD series, where everyone and their dog, can't stop talking about how much they hate the series. To stay on the forefront of things, I would now like to start the next step. The anti-anti-CoD movement. Yup that is right, the popularity of CoD bashing REALLY pisses us off, so we can't comment in any thread without mentioning our distaste for it. Doesn't matter what the original topic was.

Quick! Get in before it becomes to popular!


BF3 beta discussion

The beta of BF3 has now been open to everyone for more then a week. To celebrate this fact, I got 3 of my gaming friends together and we had ourselves a small discussion about our impression of the beta. The discussion is in danish, so if you understand danish or like to hear foreign people talk, please have a look.


Battlefield 3 beta has hit the interwebz (xbox and pc videos)

Yes, the beta is here for everyone to try out. I recorded my first game on xbox. The beta seems very unpolished, as you might notice. Please bear with me, as I'm learning the new controls. Enjoy

edit: Updated my blog with a video from the pc version. The visuals are not just better, the pc beta is MUCH more polished.


Dj Aligator and metaphors

Don't know how known Dj Aligator is around the world, but in the late 90's he was playing in every club in Denmark. His songs had pretty much the same sound and revolved around some kind og sexual metaphor

I think it's pretty clear to everyone what lollipop is a metaphor for in this video. Clear to everyone exept the artist himself apparently :-/

Have a look and tell me when you notice something "wrong"


Arnold would like to ask you a question

My dad is a civil low power engineer, so he draws circuit boards in computerprograms and solders transisters, resisters, conductors and what not for a demonstration model and then writes reports about which components to use for manifacture so it can handle the job it's supposed to.

How about your daddy?


Half-minute hero on xbox

I bought Half-minute hero a couple of hours ago on the xbox after trying out the trial. Having played 8 quest it's already becoming a bit boring. I find it way to repetitive. The loot is ok, but everything else just throws my concentration off. Don't know if this will become on of the arcade games I'll never finish like Puzzle Quest.

The multiplayer is somewhat fun but is also shortlived. Its super intense and don't give you much help to figure out the structure before the match is over.

Hope people enjoy this game, and don't feel a bit burned like I do.


Played through VVVVV

After seeing the quicklook of VVVVV for the pc I bought it on steam and really enjoyed it. I have always enjoyed the 8bit/16bit retro style more than the Atari/C64 one, but the game was really well done and the challenge is great. I would recommend et to other gamers who enjoy the more simple games aswell.

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I present to you - a Bad Company 2 montage

As my stationary pc is finally working again, I recorded 1 hour of Bad Company 2 footage on the PC in 1080P and on max settings.

This montage took me 5 hours of editing to put together, even thought it's only about 1min long.

Turn up the volume and enjoy.


Duke Nukem Demo playthrough

So I uploaded another gameplay video. This time it's my buddy Briemis playing though the Demo of Duke Nukem on pc.

There is no commentary, so my accent won't be piecing your ears :P

Enjoy the video

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