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Alan Wake - Episode 4

The plot thickens! ..or gets more tangled? Could the FBI agent just be something that the dark lady Jagger or something just has added to the story Wake is writing?
Combat still feels wrong. I realised that its due to the fact that the engine prioritises animation over the control inputs in a way I cannot get over. And I do hope Barry drops dead soon, those pants oh noes..
Locations are great though, Anderssons farm - very Valhallan (or something) and neato. The ambient sounds and stuff is very nicely done, thank god for proper surround system.

Alan Wake - Episode 3

The athmosphere is becoming even moodier - I like it. 
In addition the locations are fun to explore and the very nice sceneries and lighting have not grown old yet. But the combat is as uncomfortable, I presume that I wont get the hang of it either. Come across some fast shadow thingies and they seem to like to cut me in pieces, should learn to dodge probably. 
Died twice while getting one thermos - slided to my death from a whopping 3 metre height. And got sliced up twice by the shadows.

Alan Wake - Episode 2

Poured a glass of scotch and continued through chapter 2, things are picking up. 
Getting a bit more confortable with the controls. Although the only death this time came by jumping off the mill into the waters below. Scenery seems to be getting even more beautiful, and since there doesnt seem to be endless spawning enemies the combat is not a too big obstacke in "peaceful" poking around. 
The story also looks to be going in the right direction with the craziness.

Alan Wake - Episode 1

So, finally decided that at 12€ Alan Wake couldnt be a bad purchase. And looks promising so far after episode 1. The sceneries are absolutely beautifully made and it took me awhile to even get past as I constantly stopped to look at the surroundings. Yes, other than the athmospehere I am on the lookout for coffee. Really dislike achievements like this but well see how many I manage to find.
The only sort of problem I have is the controls which seem a bit off somehow, looks like in the fights I will die quite many times during the game (bit the dust once already in the first episode which always seems promising).

Test Drive Unlimited 2 - A surprise

Only things I heard of the game was that its a dumbed down (if that even is possible) version of the previous one. Was going to pass it altogether but due to some weird error I got some pre-order bonus codes so why not buy it - it cant be that bad surely. 
And now Im hooked. 
Yes there is absolutely no realism in the feel of driving psychics. Like driving a train on raiway tracks. Then the controls are full of weird and stupid things, like I couldnt get my choice for the first car at all when trying to control the avatar with the Microsoft wheel (Lotus was so low that I couldnt get the reticule low enough by crouching - yes you cannot move it vertically with the wheel). The map is virtually impossible to scroll with the wheel as well. All in all I have to constantly joggle between the wheel and a pad but still its huge fun just to drive around Ibiza (dont want to go to Hawaii before I have won all competitions on the tiny spanish island). 
If I werent such a antisocial brick this would be 1000/1000 game for sure. 
Oh, the "plot" in the dirst one was miles better; "Welcome to Hawaii, heres some money, buy a flat and a car and have fun." No godawful cutscenes with godawful player models and godawful voicework. Is it spelt 'godawful' or 'god awful'?

Race Pro

I swear to god there is something fundamentally wrong with the driving physics in the game. Catching th rear when the car starts to slide is virtually impossible (or I am spoiled by Forza games). So far I've managed to save the situation only once during 5 race series in the career..


Assassins Creed: Brotherhood

Finally finished this! And dear god its the last AC game Ill buy for full price. 
All of the games were fun in the middle bits of the story, then all have turned into crap by missions that restrict your creativity by stupid limitations (cannot let target get 35 metres or so away from you? Please..) or chucking you into the middle of a warzone where the game turns into an annoying hack&slash adventure. 
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