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Dead Space 2

Finished the game today and thought about jotting down some thoughts about the game.

In the end the game was good - as good as the first one. Of course the novelty of the game style is not there, but the game play, esthetics, audio and story is on par with the first game. The audio especially was splendid and managed to send them chills down my spine. Regarding the graphical side there was nothing really eye-popping compared to Dead Space, but the architecture and the look of Titan Station brought System Shock 2 to my mind at some points which is nice as the Shock 2 is in Top 5 of my all time greats. The story was well put together and at some point I actually imagined that my dear wife was really on my side..

The game only fell apart for me in the end with the immortal beast as it forced one to rush forward, and I really do not like to run as I always think that I will miss something when being forced to move faster than I would like to. I would like to think that the end fight was not as stretched as in the first game, but my recollection about the length of dodging tentacles and firing at weak spots is vague. And I am very happily surprised that Ellie actually made through alive, and I guess it was nice to see Isaac make it through as well. Too bad that in the end the door for even more sequels was left open..

Now if only I could be buggered to actually start a New Game+ and for once actually play a game twice through.