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Dragon Age 3 - Done!

Finally finished Dragon Age 3 last weekend and I have to admit that in the end the game started to stumble. Everything started well enough and I was instantly sucked into the world and lost stupid amounts of time while wandering around the world - total game time in the end was 115 hours.

I belong to the caste of players who poke around every corner and do everything possible straight away before moving the plot along. By looking around I managed to do just about everything in this playthrough also so I do not think I will poke around again. Some trophies were missed due to choices (Orlesian court approval and winged super companion) but about those I do not care enough to go back - I did what I did and that's it, I can live with these choices. Once in Skyhold plot played well and kept its grip with the plotting and mischief but the end felt somehow rushed upon. Don't know if this was because Morrigan was pushed in at the very last moment and felt like filler and fan service - I adore her character but they could have kept her waiting for next game where she obviously has to solve the final mystery of her mother by the looks of it.

Technically I'd go as far as to say that the engine was crap. I don't think the combat worked with a melee character as I seemed to get stuck to every small stone and twig. Bigger enemies seemed to dislike it as well by judging how they twisted, turned and span around their axis trying to figure where the models around them were. If I get back to this it will definitely be with a archer or wizard just avoid the stupid running around. The occasional flying NPC was spotted couple times but otherwise the only bug I remember is the problem with killing the ten dragons trophy due to which I missed the trophy (and found out about the possible fix only after finishing the game - save before last dragon fight and if script bugs, try again).

Despite the complaints I heartily recommend this to anyone. There really are not that many games with similar party system and as large world available. The party banter and NPCs relationships are fun to follow. I am half tempted to dig out Baldurs Gate games again as they are the ones that re-sparkled my interest in the first place.