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Fallout: New Vegas - finished

Got through the game and the add-ons yeaterday and have quite mixed feelings about the game.

The major thing on my mind sadly is the bugs and crashes experienced while playing. When thinking of other games I've gone through I do remember the rare lockup but New Vegas blew everything away. I can't think of a day when it didnt crash. First game that ate save games as well, four times in total I think.

The story rolled along well enough compared to Fallout 3, but I think first two games were more entertaining to play. I have to admit that I might have destroyed my will to play by getting on the bad side of Legion so early that the assasination squads were unbelievably hard and nearly one shotted my character in combat for quite a long time and this killed exploration alltogether (and why the hell do they see you mile away when you are sneaking?!). Then again combat was carbage in my opinion anyways - impossible to hit anything further than 5 metres without V.A.T.S. if the target was moving.

Companions were as interesting as porridge. Cass was the only one who I could be arsed to bring along for other than quest purposes. The best characters in the game were sadly in a DLC, Old World Blues' AIs were well enough written so I didnt tend to skip the conversations. And as for locations Honest Hearts was the most fun place to wander around. These two DLCs were the ones where I enjoyed the game easily the most.

Despite now I think mostly of the game with negatives I do intend to go through it again as I now know the mistakes I made which robbed the fun - and theres no need to play some way or the other to get achievements. And maybe just to see if the game really is as buggy as it seems.