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Found lying around: Gone Home

So I noticed on Friday that I had at some point got Gone Home console edition and as I was stuck in Axiom Verge and didn't feel like continuing the "big" games downloaded it for the weekend. I'll say that I came to this blind - I probably came across some stuff during the goty discussions of GB but don't remember a thing. There is a vague recollection that I avoided stuff about Gone Home as it seemed like something I'd want to experience (didn't realise it would take this long).

Saturday came and I had time to start on solving the riddle of the Greenbriar family and this atmosphere instantly took hold - this seemed very interesting! I went through most of the main floor and upper floor on the first play sitting and for a while was wondering if this was a ghost or growth story but it soon it was clear that it would be about the little sisters life instead of a haunted house. The sound design was pretty creepy though - and I still swear that at some point while I had the game running I heard cabinets opening and closing behind Kaitlin in one of the bedrooms. I stopped playing after getting the key to the basement - seemed like a good stopping point.

Sundays came and it was time to continue! I had earlier wondered how huge the house was and the basement and whole kitchen wing only made me wonder more how anyone would have house this huge. I guess the attention to detail in making it made me think of places I've seen here in Finland (lived my life in apartments and to these Greenbriars had a mansion - a castle - to occupy!). Another thing that was weird was how Kaitlin seemed to be very short - in the region of being more like 12 than 20 or so she was. During the second sitting the audio design continued to be the most impressive part of the game for me. Runaway story of the sister was so-som nothing special but did it's work of moving and it was nice to follow the breadcrumb trail. Mother and dad felt really distant in the story - don't know if I missed some notes though. Got the mum's adventure and dad seemed to get his luck in the end with the books getting re-published but those felt like been pushed to the side. In the end all story bits felt a little bit rushed in some ways - even the sister's plot felt like it jumped ahead in some places.

But all things considered I really liked the experience Gone Home had to give. My only gripes was the darkness of the game - had to pump brightness all the way up to see anything, even the lit corridors were pitch black two meters from the lights.

Four c-cassettes of five seems good.