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L.A. Noire - Final thoughts (spoiler warning)

Finished L.A. Noire yesterday and main thought is disappointment. I had forgotten the game some time ago (was on the To Buy list for ages), but found the Complete Edition for sale at 38€ which I thought would probably be a ok price for it. But now thinking about what it offered I think I paid 10€ too much anyways.

I felt really intrigued about the game in the start and was enjoying it through the first disc - Traffic desk. Mechanics felt ok and the face animation stuff whatnot still looked nice in my opinion. The city seemed really nicely done as well. Half way through homicide desk things started to go downhill. Cases got repetative and characters boring/annoying and you start to notice how the story is being stretched - not encouraging as theres more than half to go. Vice was so-so until the end where Cole was turned into a cheating asshole to make the demotion to arson desk plot turn possible. He was not the greatest personality even before and at that point I had about zero interested to see how his story continued (he still wore the ring to the end though..). The shoot-out of the end was just plain idiotic.

I really like film-noir movies and there was some of the spirit in the game but I dont ever remember seen movies where the main character is plainly as dis-likeable as in L.A. Noir (I thought the character should(?) be someone with charm but who is running out of luck due to someone elses work - not because he himself fucks things up by fucking behind his wife). I have to say that Elsas role as femme fatale was well written in my opinion.

I don't want to pick the game into smaller and smaller pieces by simple small things as it deserves better. And talking about good things, the music was excellent all the way through! I would give this 3/5 or something around that. Chopping the lenght into half would have helped heaps.