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Thoughts on Divity: Original Sin (enhanced edition)

So much promise so much stumbling in the end.

Don't even know where to begin with this. I think I learned about the game through Giant Bomb way back when it came to PC. Made a note to have a look at some point and then forgot about it altogether. Years (?) later noticed it on PS4 and remembered that I was supposed to try this. I didn't buy Divinity though until friend said he'd be willing to co-op through it - which looked great on paper as you have to have two characters. And so the adventure began (this was actually over a year ago)! We got maybe around halfway through until something - probably summer - got in the way and the game sort of got swallowed by other more interesting ones. I started my own play through at some point before the co-op campaign died and that I actually managed to finish in January (and I was supposed to jot down my thoughts back then already - so this text might contain things I remember incorrectly).

The reason why I first got interested was the promise of Divinity going along the same roads as Baldur's Gate serie. As Baldur's Gate: Shadows of Amn is probably my all time favourite game of couse this caught me. Being a PS4 gamer these chances tend to be rare. The forced two characters was a small let down since in RPG's I treasure character interactions over just about everything else but the rest seemed to be where it was supposed to. The world is interesting, there's a lot of things to do in it and interesting characters. Except the people you got to choose for you party, this of course is a personal taste but I didn't find any of the party fillers to be that interesting. The humour of the game mostly was a hit for me as though.

Turn-based combat of Divinity works well, and the game can get pretty hard even on normal difficulty - and if you are not careful even simple fights can go south quite fast. The skill system and progress didn't seem to allow development of jack-of-all-trades characters at least when playing with a full party, which leads to a diverse team to point at enemies. There is also quite a lot of gear to support the combat and I'd imagine there is something for everyone in the game. To support the gear and combat there is a huge crafting system that I gave up just cause of the sheer scope of it.

So, the basic ingredients are all there, and up to a point everything seems great. Story worked all the way through but the game around it started to fall apart in the last third. At Phantom Forest the game turned into a slow grind towards to the end. It felt as the developers didn't have time to do similar world building as in the earlier game and instead chose to turn the encounter difficulty up couple notches. Similarly the puzzle elements lost their logic and I ended up having to guess on some points what to do. In the end I found out that I had to do character actions as well that seemed to go completely against what any sensible character would do - just to progress the story. After completing the game I read that the end was changed for the enhanced edition and some commented for the worse.

In the end I am very mixed about Divinity: Original Sin. The pieces for a gem are there and I have thought about going for Lone Wolf trophy but the last third keeps me from going to this. Instead I have through more and more about digging up my Baldur's Gate: Shadows of Amn and Throne of Bhaal copies.

If I had to give a score, 3/5 would be about it. Great world and nice story but tedious end drops it the grey mass.

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