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Best of 2010

krummi: Best of 2010
Not some much played games, but enough to make a list!

List items

  • CrazySexyCoolAwesome

  • Awesome, not as awesome as first one, but close.

  • Stupidly short single player, but multiplayer is where the game shines. Best online shooter of the year.

  • I still cannot fathom why developers like to poke with the camera while player is in the middle of high speed action thrills. Which in turn causes me die in ridiculous ways (or rather the game decides that I need to start some sequence again). Still, the best game in the series thanks to AI buddies.

  • Not as fun as second one, but still hugely enjoying. Only stupidity in the new "menu" was that they shoved quests into pocket dimension as well. The Hero should've bought a small note book thingy where to write quest progress.

  • In some ways better than all the previous installations, UI as gone only better and better, hexes are awesome and looks nice. But seems somehow soulless.

  • Flawed but interesting. Interesting enough to keep me away from RDR. Something in the same lines of old RPGs that I so much love (Bloodlines comes to mind).

  • Huge buzz and heaps of peeps praising. But to me the only good things were the characters and the sceneries. Stupid story writing (rebooting the story twice to make the game longer?) and control scheme that has been annoying since GTA3 made the game awfully hard to play through. Thank god I only loaned this.

  • More fun to play than the first installment, but with god awful customization mechanics. In the end only a average shooter though.

  • I wanted my childhood back..