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My TV: 24/7 on INPUT

Television is made of ass nowadays. What can you find on TV, that you can't find on the internet? ...Okay, live coverage of the Olympics, but you still get my point, right? The only reason I really use my TV anymore is just to game. Even that, though, I still find myself using my PC a lot more than anything else. But, that isn't the point..my point is, ever since, say, 2001, TV has been on a serious decline. Oh, there's the occasional GOOD show here and there, but that still isn't enough to make me dig through my room to find my TV remote. It's not like I need it anymore, anyways. Therefore, my television programming is Mogulus. (Warning: the chat in each and every channel is made of ass, the programming is not that bad though.)

The problem is, well, and this is obvious, but producers care about what gets MONEY other than what is QUALITY because they're selfish greedy bastards. The world is a greedy place, and it especially shows on television programming. MTV is a prime example. What happened, to, you know, the music? I bet, if they had the decision, would rather make another series of Big Brother than another season of Heroes. Although, thankfully, there IS another season of Heroes. On the downside, there IS another series of Big Brother. Sucks. If only someone with some BRAINS around the studio saw the light, and figured out that the world can live without another Big Brother. Seriously, throw out the script, kill the reality TV, and show something the people want. Oh wait, they are. According to ratings, Big Brother is what the people want. Why do people watch shitty TV? I don't know. It's just like games. People want brown in their graphics. Why? Don't ask me, I don't want my games resembling what is floating around in my toliet. Sadly, that ship has sailed.

If I was in charge...which will never happen...I'd take a paddle to everyone at MTV and remind them of the definition of  "music", because MTV is probably offically the most garbage channel on TV. They're now apparently the television equavilent of Hollywood, where black-meets-white comedies are apparently all the rage. Man, screw this, I'm going to watch some Looney Tunes.