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Half Life 2 - Greatest FPS Ever 0

Overview: Half-Life 2, and the franchise itself, will be remembered for forming what most FPSes are today. What really shines in this game - The story, the engine, the gameplay, hell, everything. What else could you ask for?Graphics: A bit dated now, but they're still pretty nice to look at. They run fast, they look nice, they're not hideous, they're not perfect. I can't complain though, they run for me. Most everything looks nice, the guns look all distinct from each other, the locations in the...

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Oblivion is great fun, packed with hours of gameplay. 0

Summary: Oblivion is a game to sure be remembered as the greatest FPSRPG of it's time, with 200+ hours of gameplay, endless caves, dungeons etc. to raid, hundreds upon hundreds of unique quests, it doesn't end. Seriously.Overview: The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion is an RPG (more specifically FPSRPG) developed by Bethesda Softworks. The Elder Scrolls franchise is known for having huge, open ended lands, being able to do whatever you wanted to do in the game, and never having to follow the game's sto...

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