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Going away for the weekend...

I'm going fishing this weekend, and I'll be back on Sunday :)
Just decided to post it here as well, since some people probably won't see my blog on GS :P
Anyway, see ya all on Sunday :)


Oooo, I got points! :D

I got points! Yay! So, um *thinks*... I guess that's the whole purpose of this blog, then... to tell everyone I have gotten some points xD...
Oh, I know, I can tell ya what I got them for... well, they were all given for submitting release dates for some games. One of my submissions got rejected (about a game... maybe they already had it, but I didn't see it, or maybe they got it from someone else), but I don't care, I just wanted to try xP
Anyway, why don't the have smilies here?! I want some yellow faces to put on my blog! xD


Hey, everyone :)

Thanks for showing me this site, Zim :) It's awesome :D
I'll definitely come by often ;D
Anyway, don't know what more to say, so nice to be here! ^_^